Sunday, 27 June 2010

Acrostic Poem - Knitting

Knitting Work By St Ives Knitting Group
Knitting Work By St Ives Knitting Group

I recently did some work using an acrostic poem, which, for those who may not have come across these is a poem where each line begins with a letter of the word and relates to the subject.

So I thought I would present you with a challenge - write an acrostic poem about any subject with a textile theme and I will put them into a hat and provide a give-away for the first three out of the hat. Deadline will be the 31st July 2010. Good luck!


Knitting with love
Necessary as breathing
I will get this stitch right
Tactile Textures
Tension lessening with every stitch
I love this colour
Needles flying in and out
Got to get more wool

Friday, 25 June 2010

Quilt Exhibition - Victoria & Albert Museum

At The End Of The Day (detail) - Textile Piece - Natasha Kerr
At The End Of The Day (detail) - Natasha Kerr

Whilst I was in London earlier this month I visited the quilt exhibition at the V & A Museum. This contains around 70 quilts covering 300 years of British quilting history, some of the quilts belong to the V & A collection and some key loans and special commissions.

You can see spectacular 18th century bed hangings, beautiful and intriguing 19th century Chapman coverlet and creative reinventions of the quilt by contemporary artists such as Grayson Perry, Tracey Emin, Jo Budd and Pauline Burbridge.

One interesting quilt was one made by men in Wandsworth Prison, showing in stitched pictures and words how they spend their time there and some comments about how they feel about being there. You can find more information about how this quilt came about by visiting:
Fine Cell Work - Needlework In Prisons

Another quilt with a story is the Rajah Quilt. In 1841 women prisoners were sent to Australia on a convict ship. Elizabeth Fry formed the Quaker Group the British Ladies Society for the Reformation of Female Prisoners who supplied the women with needlecraft supplies including fabric, needles etc and the quilt is the result of the prisoners' work. You can find more information at:
National Gallery Of Australia - Rajah Quilt

There are many more quilts that tell a story and well worth the £10 entrance fee.

The exhibition continues until the 4th July.

Whilst I was going around the exhibition I met up with Dodie Smith who had been, Programme Secretary for the Cornwall Embroiderers' Guild until her move to Winchester, just shows you never know who you might meet in London!

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Jo's Page On FaceBook

Jo's Business Page On FaceBook
Jo's Business Page On FaceBook

I have a new Business Page on FaceBook for Knit One Weave One.

It features my latest news and textile workshops.

I'll be adding a lot more over the coming weeks.

My husband Steve set it up - as he has for several other businesses in St Ives - so if you want help setting up your own page get in touch.

Please take a look and click on the "Like" button to join.

Jo McIntosh - Knit One Weave One - FaceBook

Monday, 21 June 2010

Some of My Favourite Blogs and Sites

Friendships Are Sewn One Stitch At A Time
Friendships Are Sewn One Stitch At A Time

Here is a review of some of my favourite blogs and websites by other artists in Cornwall.

My friend Carolyn Saxby has a wonderful blog - Love Stitching Red. It features textile art work that she likes, illustrated with beautiful photos and other things of interest.

Carolyn has a second blog Mixed Media Textile Art which focusses on her own work and textile techniques.

Sea Blue Sky Abstracts is by St Ives artist Lesley Ninnes. It features samples of her work and many other interesting posts.

Back in January 2010 I attended a workshop - Recycled Beach Finds Jewellery - run by Sarah Drew. Her website is a great showcase for her work. You can buy some unique pieces of handmade jewellery online, made mostly from recyled materials.

Hope you enjoy visiting these. Any suggestions for any other good websites or blogs are welcome - please post a comment.

Friday, 11 June 2010

Textile Art Workshops In St Ives - Summer 2010

Textile Workshops - St Ives Cornwall
Textile Workshops - St Ives Cornwall

I've added more to my schedule of workshops in St Ives , running through to September 2010.

Dates are:
  • Feltmaking - Wednesday 23rd June
  • Simple BookMaking - Saturday 3rd July
  • Weaving Without A Loom - Saturday 24th July
  • Silk Painting - Wednesday 28th July
  • Applique - Saturday 31st July
  • Silk Paper - Saturday 7th August
  • Feltmaking - Saturday 14th August
  • Tie-Dyeing Fabric - Saturday 28th August
  • Papermaking - Wednesday 1st September
  • Handprinted Gift Wrap - Saturday 4th September
Each runs from 10.00 am to 4.00 pm costs £40.00 per person including materials.

Please get in touch if you're interested. Also remember that I can run workshops for individuals and groups by arrangement.

You can call me on 01736 797 122 or visit my website:

Monday, 7 June 2010

Isles Of Scilly - St Marys
Isles Of Scilly - St Marys

Recently I was fortunate enough to fly over to the Isles of Scilly to work for Arts for Health as part of their Older Persons project. In the morning I visited Park House, the Residential Home for the Elderly on St. Marys where I worked with some of the residents and staff creating shell boxes – some of the staff and the daughter of one of the residents had been beachcombing and we used their “treasures” to decorate boxes.

In the afternoon I visited the Wednesday Club which is run at the Golf Club by Jane Chiverton who organises a range of activities for the people who attend, these include dominoes, memory games, simple seated exercises and also provides tea and cake! On this occasion I showed everyone how to make bracelets using memory wire and beads, which they all seemed to enjoy. The benefit of this type of jewellery for the more mature wearer is that there are no clasps to be done up and so can be worn easily.

I always enjoy my trips over to the Scilly Isles and love meeting people who may be physically getting older but have certainly not given up on life altogether!