Thursday, 28 April 2016

Why do people go to workshops

Over the last few years I have run workshops on a variety of textile and craft related subjects, most of which are things that people can learn from books or do by themselves at home so why do they feel the need to come to workshops?

After thinking about this and talking to the people at my workshops, it seems to be for the following reasons:

Being in the company of like-minded people
Not feeling confident to tackle a new subject on their own
Finding it difficult at home to put aside the time to do something for themselves
Enjoying having some time purely for themselves
Taking their mind off any problems they may have
Making new friends
Having fun and laughter
Wanting to try new subjects without having to buy lots of materials and equipment

So looking at all the above it seems to me that in a time when more people seem to be suffering from stress and anxiety than has perhaps been the case in the past, going to workshops can be good for mental health, as well as learning new skills.

I also feel that it is important for adults to have the opportunity to “play”, especially if they have jobs where they have to be seen to be professional and may be dealing with difficult situations and problems.

The above is, of course, purely my observations and I would welcome any thoughts you may have on the subject.