Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Workshop - Knitting With Wire

Workshop - Knitting With Wire

This Saturday (23rd October) I will be running a workshop on knitting with wire, at the end of which everyone will go home with a unique bracelet made by knitting wire which has beads threaded on to it.   Great fun, especially for those who tell me “I am not a very neat knitter” as this is not very neat knitting!  For anyone who would like to attend please e-mail me for more details.

Whilst on the subject of knitting with materials that are not wool or yarn I was preparing for the next session of the textile course I am running, which happens to be “knitting with more than wool”.  At the knitting group last night someone suggested using something from nature so this morning I went out and gathered a handful of ivy and had a go knitting it on size 6mm needles and below you can see the results!  Maybe not a long lasting piece of knitting but certainly very “green”!

Knitting With Ivy
I would love to see examples of any knitting you have done with unusual materials.

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