Thursday, 5 April 2012

Studio at Krowji

I am getting very excited about moving in to my studio in Krowji next week where I will be part of a large group of very creative people and where there is also a brilliant cafe where, as well as serving good food and drink, they also host events.

So I will probably be spending the Easter weekend sorting my stuff out and deciding what to take initially, can't wait!

For those of you not aware of Krowji here is the link

I will be taking part in the Creative Skills Open Studios there in June (2nd to 10th I think) so please come and see me there if you can.


  1. Good luck Jo - sounds like there's a lot to be excited about. x

  2. havent been to Krowji for ages which is bad as i dont live too far! will try and get along sometime :)


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