Thursday, 16 March 2017

Adventures with Printing

Once a month some friends and I get together to try out techniques and materials (as well as drink tea/coffee and eat biscuits!) and this month we explored screenprinting with embroidery hoops and organza fabric rather than the traditional screens which can be quite expensive to buy if you are not going to do a lot of screenprinting. As I also have a Thermofax screen I decided to have a play with this as well.  Thermofax screens come in a range of sizes and you can either buy them with the images already on the screen (as mine is, yellow flower) or you can send your image and they will create a screen for you.  Simple to use with screenprinting paints.  Also looked at the difference between a screenprinted image using a stencil (pink mermaid) and a stencilled image (mermaid on blue fabric) as well as printing with stamps made from craft foam (fishes and bird).  I have also included the photo of my embroidery hoop with organza fabric.

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