Monday, 26 November 2012

A Tidy Studio

Well just for those of you who know me and might be very surprised to learn that I do tidy my studio, admittedly not very often, here are the photos of the results of tidying my studio at Krowji ready for Christmas Open Studios this weekend.  As we all know the intention is always to keep it tidy but the reality is that it probably won't stay this way so take a good look!  There might even be room for me to transfer more from home!


  1. Have a hundred housepoints and a gold star Jo!!

  2. Steady on ... I think you should have a lie down now Jo ♥

  3. Don't worry Carolyn that was for last year's Open Studios! However I am currently tidying the living room as it is now starting to annoy me so I may well have a lie down after that!


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