Thursday, 31 January 2013

Travelling Textile Treasures

Goodness was November really the last time I posted on my blog!  Well belated Happy New Year to you all.
Last Thursday, Friday and Saturday I was at the Crafts4Crafters Show at Westpoint, Exeter  where I ran short silk papermaking workshops for some of the lovely people I met.  I also gave my Travelling Textile Treasures mobile supply shop its first big outing and I was very pleased that people seemed to like what I was selling.  I am concentrating on supplying small amounts of materials such as silk fibres, fleece, buttons, sequins as well some of the more unusual things like Mistyfuse, water soluble fabric, Tyvek etc.

I can certainly recommend the beds in the Premier Inn - you could have fitted an entire family into mine and yes it was very comfortable and no I didn't have to share it with Lenny Henry!

Here are some photos of the silk papermaking workshops where you can see some of the people I met.

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